Международный венчурный инвестиционный Фонд

About Fund

The ecosystem

In the conditions prevailing in today’s world, we go further than an ordinary venture capital fund. We create our own “ecosystem” for our investors and for project initiators, just as we do for our partners.

This ecosystem consists of a range of investment interests, which focus not only on “investment” profitable deals, but also on areas that are significant for people, such as: the environment, health, adequate and comfortable living conditions, and social relations.

We create a system of financial stability and independence for our partners with the involvement of the world’s leading insurance companies and pension funds.

The program for the development of our “ecosystem” also includes socio-political projects related to the introduction of “blockchain” technologies that will bring people around the world closer to true freedom, independence, freedom from financial manipulation, arbitrariness and corruption in social interactions.

Thus, we go beyond business as usual, and our strategy is ahead of everyone else’s.

We do not say: – “nothing personal, this is just business”, we say: – “doing business is something we take personally.”

The Fund’s operating model

It is, first of all, a team of professionals that accompanies the Fund at all technical levels, and which also participates of boards of directors of the companies that initiate the projects.

The Fund’s staff is also the founder of the Fund’s management company. All of the Fund’s financial activities are conducted through the accounts of the management company.

Investments are collected by tokenizing the fund, which is in fact a tokenization of the management company.

After they are collected, funds are directed to investment projects, which are described in the investment declaration of the Fund, while investors are provided with information about the projects themselves.

Access to information about projects differs according to the size of investments made by each investor.

Why Tokenization?

Such a scheme will allow building financial relationships with investors not only like a classic fund, but also as a mutual fund.

As a result, thanks to new financial technologies, there is an opportunity for wide manoeuvre and more favourable conditions for investors, in comparison to conventional and mutual funds. And most importantly, there is unprecedented liquidity for investors.

The Fund’s token is, thus, a stable, investment-attractive, and promising asset that incorporates the qualities of an action or a share; which gives the right to receive, in the future, a share of profit from all open funds, savings, as well as means of settlement.

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The Fund’s economic model

The Fund’s projects and assets are inputted in the investor’s online account. The main economic indicators of the Fund are kept in the USDT stablecoin.

Based on financial indicators, internal operations are performed in the investor’s account, including requests for the payment of dividends and the redemption of tokens, as well as fund commissions.

Accrual of dividends:

Dividends on tokens (S&P) are accrued in the Tether USDT stablecoin and are withdrawn by the investor to their wallet. Dividends are accrued only to the investor who has tokens on their balance sheet and are accrued before the profits from the sale of projects is received.

Withdrawal of funds from the Fund is carried out by selling tokens (S&P) to other investors of the Fund or to the Fund itself.

The Fund’s commission:

The Fund’s commission (management fee) is 5% of the deposited amount and 50% of the profit received upon exiting projects.

Investor notifications about token buyback:

The Fund notifies investors of its readiness to buy back tokens from him at a multiplier.

For example, two years later you will receive a notification that the Fund is ready to redeem tokens with a multiplier of X3. You can decide to sell 100% of the tokens or leave some to receive dividends. As an example, you can sell 70% of your tokens and leave 30% of them to receive dividends and other payments on them.


The Fund's portfolio of companies

The first funds are gathered at the amount of $150,000,000. Each project has its own investment capacity (from $500,000 to $8,000,000).

IT projects

International IT projects in the fields of FinTech, e-commerce and social projects.

Pharmaceutical business

Pharmaceutical business involving natural organic medicines and unique technologies.


International projects involving innovative, unparalleled processing methods of various types of secondary raw materials and waste. One of the spin-offs of the project is electric power generation.


Trading (Cryptocurrency and Stock Markets).


Mining (using the latest technologies for producing super-cheap electricity). Accomplished with a high margin of profits thanks to the most recently developed technology for producing and obtaining cheap electricity.

Diversification tools

Trading (precious metals and precious stones). Part of the Fund's investments is planned to be directed towards a project about the processing of precious metals and precious stones, which will lead to the financial stability and increased reliability of the Fund. As a result, the Fund’s tokens will be provided, in addition to income from projects, with highly reliable and high liquidity assets.

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